Site refresh, product updates, and more!...

Site refresh, product updates, and more!...

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post for this site, and I hope to continue posting updates on this regularly. I would like to expand my reach beyond Instagram (which has been my primary way of reaching customers), and this blog and eventual newsletter are the first steps I'm taking to do that.

I came back from a trip to Taiwan and Japan (family trip as well as vacation/honeymoon) back in April, and I feel energized! I feel like I'm back with a new perspective on my craft, and I am ready to tackle new challenges after being gone for four weeks. I'd love to share more about those in a future blog post, but for now...

What's new

As you may have noticed, the site has undergone a refresh. I made the site in the beginning when I was still unsure about what I wanted to make and I was not comfortable yet with any one particular style. Over time I've learned more about what I like making and what I don't like making as well as the my creative preferences. With this knowledge in mind, this is the first major update of my site to reflect myself and my brand. And as with all such journeys, this will continue to grow and evolve.

Product updates

After exploring different forms for a bit, I'd like to bring my focus back to a select few that I enjoy making. This means that I'll be making more pet bowls (!), more drinkware, and some tableware. I don't expect to be making planters or vases for the time being. I am still open to exploring more forms for my own creative development, but I also want to be more focused in my work for at least a few months.

A lot of you found me through Sheila, which I am forever grateful for. We're releasing a new collection very soon, so please go check it out! They sell out quickly!

Did you say pet bowls?

I've heard a lot of interest in dog bowls and slow feeders and I think I'm finally ready to bring them back. The last time I did preorders, I burned out like crazy, and a large part of it was me not being able to handle the influx of orders in a sustainable way. I do like making slow feeders, but they take more time and energy than a series of smaller pieces.

I also have plans to make elevated cat dishes; I'm experimenting with a few designs now. If they turn out functional, I might be offering them in the future too!

My plan this time around is to release a limited number of preorders with seasonal colorways. I also want to change the designs a bit with each release. This will give me the room to be creative and also offer folks more unique options.

Preorders will be shared with newsletter subscribers before the release so people know what to expect. I plan to update preorder stock every 2-3 months depending my workload. This will also allow myself time to come up with new designs. These changes will reflect in the pricing as well.

What else is on my mind?

One of my goals is to sell at a craft fair, so I plan on applying to one for the winter season. That means that a portion of my time will go into production and I'll likely halt online sales in the fall as I focus on that. We'll see how that goes, especially with a full-time job!

And with that...

Thank you for supporting my journey! Feel free to email me or chat me on social media at any time with your thoughts and feedback. And subscribe to the newsletter by filling out your email below! Future product launches (including preorders and upcoming collaboration series) will be announced through the newsletter.

With love,
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